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John Strieder - Composer/Artist

last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds

John Strieder - Composer / Artist

Secondary School: The geography teacher put me every lesson apart from the others, into a small room next to the office with a xerox copy of a geographical map and told me to fill it out. There I sat every time alone for an hour, and had no idea how the countries and cities on the map are called. This went on until the last day of school. On that last day, I sat there again. But this time, I would fill out the complete map. And I did. I filled out all the blank spaces: asshole, idiot, moron, fuck you, i hate you, tosser, wanker, ... As i set my first foot on the running board of the bus, I heard him yelling from far way. I looked over the shoulder and saw this damned place for the last time.

Some while ago I came across an portfolio (a collection of artwork to show possible employers the skills of the artist in order to get jobs), where I immediately recognized parts of my works. His "work" was even awarded, and there was a link to buy prints of it. I tried to reach out to him. Here's his answer without further commentary from me:

This isn`t a commercial work , just something made for fun and my portfolio.

Personally i don`t care about copyright laws as long as it doesn`t involve profit. Innovation is killed with all these laws and patents in so may fields.

If you just wanted a credit/mention, you could have just politely asked. Would have been happy to do that.But the fact that you sent me 3 messages on individual images, with explicit stuff related to financial gains and bla bla, acting like a victim, kind of turned me off on playing nice."

Definition of Art in the 21th century: Using a pop-culture thing in more or less unusual manner to recreate another pop-culture thing. (See also: battery-caged)

Defintion of Creativity in the 21th century: Download a picture from the world wide web and upload it on facebook. (See also: stick in the mud)

Eweiger Stillstand durch eingebrannte rhetorische Tricks.

Eternal Stagnation through etched rhetorical tricks.

"Kundun" (Film, 1997) ... In einer Szene, als durch Megaphone Mao-Zedong-Musik in die Gegend plärrtte, sprah Dalai Lama: "sie haben uns die Stille gestohlen". Den Rest des Films über dachte ich: "Philip Glass hat die Stille gestohlen". Wer komm auf die Idee, wundervolle tibetische Musik mit Glasspeggien zu überkleben? Philip Glass. Jemand, der sich selbst in seinen wildesten Träumen keine so gute Musik vorstellen könnte.

Eine Zurschaustellung totaler Respektlosigkeit, Musik zum Hintergrundgeräusch deklassiert.

"Kundun" (Movie, 1997) ... In one scene, megaphones were yelling mao-zedong-music (or whatever), the Dalai Lama says: "they stole the silence from us". The rest of the movie I thought "Philip Glass stole the silence". Who comes to the idea of overgluing this wonderfull tibetan music with glasspeggios? Philip Glass. Someone who even in his wildest dreams couldn't imagine music that good.

A display of total disrespect, Music declassified to be background noise.