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John Strieder - Composer/Artist

last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds

John Strieder - Composer / Artist

“John Strieder’s music is unique, full of energy and of rough, graceful beauty. His works sound dissonant and microtonal, love to move in a polyrhythmic manner and weave unexpected sound shapes - powerful, almost brutal, but in equal measure soft and iridescent.”
(Recorder player and conductor Sylvia Hinz, Berlin Germany)

“It was a wonderful experience diving in John Strieder’s soul and bringing his music to life. The paintings, also by John, are part of the score. I think they are the visual counterpart of his musical thought. John is a great composer and a multitalented artist. It was indeed a pleasure meeting him in Buenos Aires.”
(Guitarist Carlos Eduardo Bojarski, Buenos Aires Argentina)

“John Strieder’s music: brutalist - but mainly in terms of extremes of emotional expression, crushing dissonances etc.; minimalist - but not repetition, instead ... minimal means and material; quasi-spectralist; expressionist - but in extremes of the human condition; romantic - but only in way of not losing touch with deep emotional content - ...”
(Composer Aryan Amid, Manchester UK)

“John Strieder and Volker Nickel have a different style of ‘designing’ compared to Matthias Pintscher or Simon Steen-Andersen. It is easy to overhear, that the former two do use their own harmonic and melodic phrases. The ear trained to new music, does not easily perceive their special characteristics. This may be the reason, why Strieder and Nickel are not as known as they could be.
It seems no wonder, that in times where new music is ruled by visible instrumental actions, ‘ear-music’ as written by Strieder, Nickel or Morton Feldman, does not receive the same amount of attention.”
(Composer Alexander Strauch, Munich Germany/ transl.: A. Irniger)

„Contemporary Classic has influenced me a lot lately, because you can learn a lot about layering and especially atonality in it, which works so well for my style of writing. The fact that we got to work with an actual composer for some pieces is even better, because it‘s great to bring those two worlds together and show this influence in its purest form. John Strieder has done an outstanding job with his contributions.“
(Source: Lords of Metal Magazine, Interview with Simon Hawemann, Guitarist and Composer of “War From A Harlots Mouth”, Berlin Germany / Tampa USA)

 “last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds”

John Strieder, born 1980 in Germany, is a composer and artist.

His music has its origin in both the european modernism and current forms of contemporary music, as well as the achievements of cultures outside of europe.
He is also interested in innovative forms of the underground music scenes, e.g. metal and glitch.

The music he writes, exclusively depicts inner processes, being an expression of emotional, intellectual and philosophical content, conveyed just through the music itself.

The interest in working cross-borders also showed up on his internationally acclaimed Metal ensemble “Coma Cluster Void”, which combines the instrumentation of modern metal with the techniques of contemporary music.

As an artist, he is working with digital, traditional and mixed media.

His music is performed around the world, in e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and USA.