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John Strieder - Composer/Artist

last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds

John Strieder - Composer / Artist

Coma Cluster Void was founded in 2013/2014. The Album "Mind Cemeteries" was released August 26th 2016. The second Album "Thoughts From A Stone" was released October 123th 2017.



"We are facing one of the masterpieces in the modern history of metal." (returntomyblood)
"If there ever was an album that could rival some of the groundbreaking releases in forward thinking extreme music, this is probably it." (dissonantnetwork)
"Coma Cluster Void is poised to be another celebrated act within the death metal scene, thanks to this truly monstrous release that will leave listeners breathless." (svbterranean)
"There really isn’t anyone out there who sounds like this." (nocleansinging)
"... Coma Cluster Void took the metal world by storm ..." (metalinjection)
"Coma Coma Cluster Void summon death metal’s more experimental, visceral side — think Ulcerate, Nero di Marte, Dysrhythmia, or even Portal on one of their more coherent days — for a challenging listen that’s got just the right of songwriting glue holding it all together." (metalsucks)
"... Maestros of mindfuckery ..." (toiletovhell)
"That discombobulation leads to a certain mind-state that genuinely unsettles me and captivates me, which is why I love Mind Cemeteries." (heavyblogisheavy)
"Coma Cluster Void is pushing the boundaries of metal music on this album. [...] You can call it whatever you like – math, technical, progressive, death, etc. – but in reality ... this is something new." (metalnexus)
"This is not an album full of blatant shows of technique and flash. Everything serves the song. Every guitar and drum and vocal part weaves together to create an atmosphere. [...] And that atmosphere is truly heavy. This album is as heavy as a sack of black holes." (ultimate-guitar)
"Coma Cluster Void is receiving high remarks from the experimental metal community for their push to expand what is heavy. If you are interested in what could be the next evolution of what is defined as brutal heavy metal be sure to check out Mind Cemeteries." (empire extreme)