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John Strieder - Composer/Artist

last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds

John Strieder - Composer / Artist

Some while ago I came across an portfolio (a collection of artwork to show possible employers the skills of the artist in order to get jobs), where I immediately recognized parts of my works. His "work" was even awarded, and there was a link to buy prints of it. I tried to reach out to him. Here's his answer without further commentary from me:

This isn`t a commercial work , just something made for fun and my portfolio.

Personally i don`t care about copyright laws as long as it doesn`t involve profit. Innovation is killed with all these laws and patents in so may fields.

If you just wanted a credit/mention, you could have just politely asked. Would have been happy to do that.But the fact that you sent me 3 messages on individual images, with explicit stuff related to financial gains and bla bla, acting like a victim, kind of turned me off on playing nice."