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John Strieder - Composer/Artist

last remains of empathy
clotted into sounds

John Strieder - Composer / Artist

Secondary School: The geography teacher put me every lesson apart from the others, into a small room next to the office with a xerox copy of a geographical map and told me to fill it out. There I sat every time alone for an hour, and had no idea how the countries and cities on the map are called. This went on until the last day of school. On that last day, I sat there again. But this time, I would fill out the complete map. And I did. I filled out all the blank spaces: asshole, idiot, moron, fuck you, i hate you, tosser, wanker, ... As i set my first foot on the running board of the bus, I heard him yelling from far way. I looked over the shoulder and saw this damned place for the last time.